The Elliot at " River's Edge" an Economic Uplift for The City of Manchester
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The Elliot at " River's Edge" an Economic Uplift for The City of Manchester

The Elliot at " River's Edge" an Economic Uplift for The City of Manchester

May 18th, 2011 1:46 pm ET

The new Elliot hospital at River’s Edge displays an impressive look from either the Eastside of the Westside of Manchester. Sitting along the Merrimack River at Queen City Avenue; this new facility will provide the residents an additional option, and to a certain extent will ease up the burden off the Parajumpers Kodiak Jakke
emergency rooms of both the old Elliot Hospital and CMC in the Westside of Manchester.

Despite adding to the choices of the residents, this new facility will draw in some of the clients of Elliot and CMC, which will allow them to use their facilities more efficiently and more cost effectively. With the state rapid population growth, this new hospital will help in providing healthcare to this new wave of residents and, more importantly, to the surrounding cities that have been relying on the services of Elliot and CMC for decades.

On the bright side, this new facility will boost the city’s financial state, which will be enormously helpful in stimulating the city’s economic health. More importantly, the city can rely heavily on tax revenues from the hospital because it is certain that it will reap hefty profit in the years or even months to come allowing itParajumpers Right Hand to meet its financial obligations. The healthcare business is definitely better than the real estate business; there won’t be any economic downturn that will hit the healthcare industry to make it insolvent. In other words, the city’s officials

just have to sit back and add slices to the pie.

The Elliot at River’s Edge adds to the curb appeal of the Southside of the largest city in the state [] and provides an incredible positive economic sign for the residents. Unlike the Verizon Wireless Arena in the heart of downtown Manchester that hosts games and events during certain days of the month and the year, this hospital is a twenty-four hour and a seven-day -a -week business that will collect money from patients day in and day out. In fact, the city will not only benefit from the services of the new hospital but also increase their bottom line in terms of tax revenues, and the residents will have access to a wider range of services and undoubtedly will look to fill up job openings as they become available in the long run.