Officepodz : Browser Based Corporate Virtual Space Systems

Officepodz are a system of licensable modular/customized virtual worlds that can be accessed by almost any web browser, on any computer or iphone, and are designed to work with many 3d Multi-user Technologies from Java based to Unity3d based offerings. They are perfect for corporate virtual world presentations and meetings online and can easily be made part of any existing website.    

Key benefits include:

  • Clean corporate template designs that come in all popular 3d formats.

  • Low Machine Requirements based on efficient 3d interface designs.

  • A Modular System of Corporate Virtual Furniture/Signage to Customize each space.

  • Web based Standards to integrate graphics, videos, and audio files.

  • Integration with the Open Sims/ Second Life Prim based system of Campuspodz.


Officepodz Virtual Spaces:

Standard Showroom and Meeting Space

Video Presentation Theater

Large Seminar and Conference Stadium

Custom Designed Product Showrooms

Library of Modular Exhibition Objects

Integration to Second Life (other VR worlds)









 More information on Cube3 OfficePodz:

 Cube3 Officepodz can offer your company the easiest solution to a fully 3D virtual - avatar driven meeting space/showroom online. To learn more and schedule a demo, please email me at .