CUBE 3 | Architecture, Interiors, Planning | 334 4th Street
CUBE 3 Studio is a dynamic and responsive architecture, interior design and planning firm with the vision to provide thoughtful and innovative design solutions for a wide range of challenges.
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About This Project

334 4th Street

St. Petersburg, FL

Taking cues from the historical architecture in the regions. 334 4th Street pays homage to the streamline modern style of architecture and craft while updating it at the same time with modernized residential units and contemporary garage screening that contrast the style of the architecture. The building embraces the curve while providing feature horizontal elements that break up the change in elevation as you move up the building. The strong canopy on the roof acts as a feature piece that draws the eye upward and at the same time provides relief from the Florida sun while enjoying the rooftop amenities. A spacious pool-deck captures uninterrupted views, and a rooftop amenity program gives even more awe inspiring views of the surrounding areas. The unit building varies unit types based on age demographics that appeals to all generations. With over 340 parking spaces in the new contemporary garage, the complex provides ample parking much needed in the area.

Number of Units: 200
Retail SF: 13,000