SFWeb3D Mission

June 10, 2002

Welcome to SFWeb3D
Over the next few day's I'll be uploading the full mission statement, history of all this stuff, blah, blah blah......:) For those who know, I've been involved in digital design and media for a very long time. I originally created the NYVRMLSIG( it was the largest web3d users group;) in 1995 to promote what I still believe is the truest, best, media to be presented via the internet and the computer. Realtime, interactive, involving interfaces and content expressed in 3 dimensions offer people the one media experience that can't get from television, film, or print. Amazingly simple, eh? More to come...
We're looking to form a local SF users group, as well as possibly start groups in other locations, meeting monthly, informally, and to create a base for the new efforts around web3d for the next years coming. And they are Coming:) So Sign up and let's hear from you.

Submit comment's, requests for commentary, etc. to: sfweb3d@cube3.com

Larry Rosenthal / sfweb3d@cube3.com
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