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October 16-17, 2002

Web3D and Beyond Conference took place.
Held in San Jose and sponsored by the Arcadia group and others, this two day event brought together just about all the leading Web3D tools developers and some top designers. Discussion panels and presentations dealt with all facets of 3D for the web, interactive tv, handhelds and beyond. The Open Standard of X3D was shown, the CAD working group discussed and the current state of web3d was examined by all participants. All in all the 2 day conference brought forth many views on Web3D and I believe indicates a new start for web3d and an interactive, immersive Internet. -larryr

October 15, 2002

SFWEB3D Meeting on X3D took Place
Thanks to dvGarage and a very cooperative crew, and to Larry for the help in putting this on. I think I would count a total of 14 people who listened in and 8 people that stayed start to finish of this two-hour discussion of ISO Candidate X3D syntax for the X3DXML and the X3DVRML transcodings. I think that no one was surprized that the complete existing ISO VRML97 specification is covered and extended very nicely by X3D. The Profile structure seemed to make sense and there was at least one cheer, three nods, and no negatives for going forward with identical, only extended, event field types and names. Visit web3d.org for further details. I discussed basically what was shown at SIGGRAPH 2002, Introduction to X3D Course, X3D Syntax now at: http://www.hypermultimedia.com/aaFTP/x3dxmlsyntax/index.htm Thanks to everyone who asked questions and made comments. I found some little typos (probly not yet fixed) in there, so Thanks Again. I hope everyone thought this was a success, and sets the stage for more (re)introduction of open standard text-based web3d. In fact, the idea emerged to recruit some local educational, market, and user resources to put on the complete 1 day show!:) Thank You and Best Regards, Joe

September 20, 2002

Third SFWEB3D Meeting took Place
Thanks to all for coming, thanks to Mindavenue for the raffle copy of AXELedge1.5. Good crowd, great questions, and yes, Jane V. is OK.;) She'll present at another date in the future. I hope you enjoyed my solo performance. Next up for October is X3D with Joe Williams and other special guests. thanks.-larryr

August 28, 2002

General Updates
Meetings, demo, and events coming up. An Axel Demo night at NBMA, August.29th at 7pm (www.nbma.com for info) September 17th Demo meeting announced, Jane Veeder of SFSU and I will talk about web3d/ new usages of Axel in education and entertainment. October meeting will be Joe Williams and the X3D spec, and maybe a special guest.;) Also coming up on Sept.18th I'll be at COMIC RELIEF in Berkeley spending the day showing off web3d comics, net games and Starbase C3. If you have any news, events or things you like to promote let us know. -larryr

August 20, 2002

Second SFWEB3D Meeting took Place
Thanks to all for coming, New people, new ideas, keep it up, thanks to Joe W. for the Siggraph recap news..-larryr

July 16, 2002

First SFWEB3D Meeting took Place
Thanks to all for coming, I think were off to a good start..-larryr

June 28, 2002

First SFWEB3D Meeting Announced
The first informal gathering will be July 16th, at 7pm at the DVgarage.Members page has been updated. Note: Sign up form only works with IE. ,if you'd like to join and are'nt using IE, e-mail me with your sign up information plus a website url to link to.-larryr

June 10, 2002

SFWeb3D Site opens.
Site debuts, Discussion board open, Sign Up page is active. The Site and Community it fosters will hopefully be part of the rebirth of web3d and the next generation of content and usage on the internet and interactive devices.

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