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Axel3D Player
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The Applications

Vizx3D 1.0 - X3D Authoring Tool
blaxxun Server 7
Cortona VRML Products
Adobe Atmosphere 1.0
Macromedia Director MX-Shockwave 3D
Wild Tangent Tools
Cult3D Tools

Tools/ Plugins/ Helper Apps

One of the most well used professional 3d packages used by artists and developer's is 3Dmax. One of the reasons for it's high usage rate within the industry is the sheer amount of plug-ins, both commercial and free, that it's users have written over the years. Plug-ins can extend a 3d applications usefulness by adding everything from special effects to file format import and export. This is a pretty good webpage to find many of the freeware/shareware plug-ins that exist for 3dmax. Check it out and try some.

A shareware 3D translator that can be a great time saver while working on any 3d project. It can import and export tons of file formats and does a pretty good job of it. It's pretty easy to use once one figures out its windowed interface and as shareware it can't be beat.

Blender is one of those 3d applications that defies categorization. It's all free. It has lots of free plug-ins being written by a worldwide user base and its both a 3d animation/modeling package for multimedia AND a game engine. Whew! It's not the easiest program to learn and it's interface follows it's own special path. As a free program that offers such depth that you can do ray traced still images and fully programmed 3d real-time games for the web; well, there's just nothing like this program and website.

blaxxun Frameset Generator
This web-page offered by blaxxun let's you instantly convert your single user VRML world (any VRML 2 model or object) into a full featured multi-user version for use with the blaxxun Contact plug-ins. You enter a name for the world and the VRML files URL, and this handy app will let you instantly be online on their test server and able to bring others in for a 3D chat.

Chemical Studios
If you're looking for lots of info and resources on products like Bryce and Poser this is a good site to visit. The creator offers tons of downloads for free non -commercial use. Stock up on pose's, sky's and other odds and ends for these design tools. Also check out the owner's online 3D comic, "JACK" ...way cool.

A well designed site for news, reviews and information about 3d applications and usage. Some great links to what's going on around the world of 3d and reviews that can help you figure out all those applications and tools out there in the marketplace. This site has a good focus on web3d helping it stand out from the majority of sites dealing only with rendered images and animation.

Infinite Fish
This graphic designer's site offers lots of "groovy" free textures (mostly seamless) that should offer some fun in creating those "groovy" types of projects. He even offers a convenient ".zip" file of them all. Nice.

Milkshape 3D
Milkshape is 3d modeler/animator that specializes in 3d models for commercial games and their engines. If making skins and avatars for games like Quake, Unreal, Half-life, etc. is your thing, them Milkshape is a shareware 3d application to look at and play with.

Spazz3d is a free modeling/animation application for VRML. Many VRML artists and designers who could never afford some of the expensive commercial 3D packages have for years used Spazz3d to create some of the best VRML content on the web. Recently revised with support for shout3d's java 3d applets and character animation for multi-user VRML worlds. The basic download is a great way to start real-time web 3d.

One of the oldest packages for making 3d art on the Mac, Strata, a few years ago released it's basic package, Strata3D, for free on the internet. Offering both Mac and PC platform usage, this free 3d program is really hard to beat for usability, great rendered output, and some real-time export formats including VRML and cult3d. If you get the bug, Strata then offers all sorts of plug-ins to upgrade the package, at a costJ, but as a free way to start making 3d for your media projects, it's a bargain.

The homesite of featured world builder, Stan Ogden's Neck. Drop by to find all sorts of resources, tools, links and free avatars for your own 3d world building projects and experiences. This site offers a nifty 3d chat generator that can turn virtually any stand alone vrml scene into a multi-user chat world version.

3D Models and Texture Sites

High Resolution Textures
3Dtronic offers a nice set of high-resolution textures on this site. They seem to come from around the world: Italy, Spain, etc. All are pretty nice for realistic architectural type projects. There is a free newsletter offer from 3Dtronic to keep one updated on new texture uploads as well, all in all pretty cool stuff.

This site offers some tutorials on 3d as well as a link to its sister site 3du.com. This site looks like a good place to find information about schools and starting at 3d. There are some software reviews, an industry outlook review and some good reference pages with links that specialize in various applications and subjects. Well worth a look.

Nooface: In search of the Post PC Interface
A well thought out site that focuses on interface and how we use our computers. We've gone from text based interfaces like DOS to GUI's like the Mac and Windows in only 10 years, what's next? There are articles and resource link to experiments and products trying the 3D interface as well as the spoken interface, all fascinating stuff and a good read.

In their own words… "Planet-3d.com is your source for Bryce 3D & 4, Amorphium, Rhino, and Poser resources such as tutorials, models, and textures. Don't forget to visit the 3D wallpaper galleries and submit your links in my new 3D Resource Directory." OK, sounds about right, a good site for hobbyist's and pros alike who use these popular 3D apps and tools.

The Original Avalon 3D Model Site
One of the oldest places on the Internet to get free 3d models. This site used to be hosted by the Navy, that's right, the US Navy, but is now hosted by the commercial 3d model company Viewpoint. Tons of free models in many formats still are here for the taking.

The 3D Cafe
Another great site for lots of free 3d models and textures as well as all sorts of 3D information and content. Many useful models are there and a surprisingly good set of character models and forms can be found at this site.

A more recent site that covers a lot of the same resources as the 3dcafe. Lots of free 3d models and info.

A commercial site , but one that offers a nice set of free 3d models. What kind of models? Well dosen't the name say it all? Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, you basic faunal arrangements.

Amazing 3D.com
Nothing truly amazing about this site;), but it does offer some nice free 3d models and other media resources to the alternative media maker.

EqPlayer2 Wild Tangent Guides
A new site offering tutorials, links and download files for working in Wild Tangent. Since so few sites offer information about developing in Wild Tangent this new resource offers good information to aspiring Wild Tangent developers and game makers. The demos look like they can help "newbie" developers figure out the world of the Wild Tangent driver.

Free 3D Buildings
Another commercial site for models but it does have a nice free section for 3d models of buildings. Free models of buildings are pretty rare so if you have a project that could use them, here's you site.

One of the few commercial 3d model sites that focus's on low polygon models. The models they sell are great for real-time avatars, games etc. They do offer a nice rotating offering of free models which is why they make this list. Their free character models while stylized and not to every ones taste, are great for multi-user VR projects.

Georgia Tech's Computational Perception Laboratory
Yes, I know that most of the graphic artists using computers are not rocket scientists, nor do you want to be. But once in a while it's good to see what the "braniac's" who program and experiment with computer graphics software that eventually become part of your everyday applications are doing. So if you're feeling extra "techie" why not check out this site from the folks experimenting at Georgia Tech. It offers some cool concepts and some nice pictures to help explain it all.

Gerry Anderson Models for MS Flight Simulators
Spazz3d is a free modeling/animation application for VRML. Many VRML artists and designers who could never afford some of the expensive commercial 3D packages have for years used Spazz3d to create some of the best VRML content on the web. Recently revised with support for shout3d's java 3d applets and character animation for multi-user VRML worlds. The basic download is a great way to start real-time web 3d.

While surfing for new 3d technologies I found mendel3d.com. I wish I spoke French since their English version of the site seems to be under construction. From what I could understand they seem to offer a suite of tools for web3d including an avatar maker. What sounds really interesting is a "blurb" in their press copy about usage of their software by Enki Bilal in an animated project entitled "La Femme Piège." Enki Bilal is a really great comic artist/writer and I'll look for more info about this project for you all at the Labzone.

Another site that seems to be part of the Planetquake world. This site focuses on textures and maps. It offers great downloadable files in Jpeg and Targa formats. The download buttons link you to Fileplanet for .zip files of the textures and images, so you have to go through their download system;). But it's worth it, though designed for Quake, these textures and images can be cannibalized for use in your online projects and web3d experiments.

Web3D Gaming Sites

3D Chipset.com
The one thing everyone using 3d for alternative media will need is a 3d acceleration board. If you're a gamer ,or an artist making 3d images and movies, almost everyone by now has some sort of fancy 3d video card in their computer. This site keeps you so insanely up to date with the current cards and specs that the sites info could drive you nut's tweaking an extra .2 milliseconds out of your 3d cards performance specs for Quake. If you're a spec junky, this is your site for 3d card info.

The driving force behind 3d on the web is no doubt games and entertainment. This site offers lots of info on the 3d gaming front with tons of reviews, fan interaction, and news. What's cool, what's not in gaming hardware and peripherals? Here's a good site focusing on the 3d technology in 3d gaming.

A great site for free "skins" and almost everything else related to gaming avatars and models. Great tutorials and tons of sample models made by the best game skinners around.

The site the Pros go to. Gamasutra is a long running website focused on the gaming professsion. They have a great job section as well as some of the best articles written by the pro's making the games out there.

A new and unique site run by the founders of a few "old school" game companies. The site offers community and assistance for the indie game developer. There are interesting licensing deals to be looked at using a professional 3D engine that indies can adapt for their games. All in all a good resource site to connect with others trying to home brew the next big game.

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The CG Channel

3D GATE.com



3DEZINE - Web3d News and the VirtuPortal

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3D Artist Magazine

The 3D Ark Resources Site

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