1. What is STARBASE C3?

Starbase C3: The Starship Construction Site, is a new adventure and entertainment site created for the Internet. Our plans are to build a new Science Fiction Universe and present it in a way that only can be done on the Internet. Having grown up on the universes created for film and television it seems only natural that someone would create a new universe for the new medium of the Internet, we hope to be those "some ones." The site contains 3D VRML worlds and vehicles, multiple chat areas using text based and 3D avatar technologies, Sci-Fi Art Galleries, News, Links to sites of interest. The STARBASE C3 features the C3 Datakits TM and Dataparts that can be bought and used to create your own Starships and worlds. STARBASE C3 will provide a real time 3D environment that will serve as the "center" of Sci -Fi oriented material and Sims on the net.
STARBASE C3; the station, exists in a future where we have explored both outer and virtual space. It is a hidden Starbase station that's mission is to develop and design next generation Starships. The Starbase is staffed by the greatest designers and engineers in the known galaxy, and "manned" by thousands of construction robots (CONBOTS) who build the ships in the construction pylons which make up most of the station.

2. What is a DatakitTM and Dataparts? How can I use them?

A C3 Datakit is a virtual 3D model (computer file not plastic) that can be bought on the site. The kits are specially designed for "kit-kabashing", which means that all the separate Dataparts are scaled properly and the texture maps are complimentary which allows any Datapart to be used with any other Datapart. All of the Datakits are custom designed and created by us and come in .3ds (3dstudio), .dxf, and vrml 1.0 formats. The texture maps come in .jpg format which ensures 24 bit color depth and small file size. These formats make sure that the Datakits and Dataparts can be used in ANY 3D MODELING AND RENDERING PROGRAM ON EITHER THE MAC OR THE PC PLATFORM. The Datakits sold show only an example of that Datakit's Starship design possibilities. From each kit's Datapart's many different designs can be created. The whole idea is to be able to create complex designs from a selection of well designed coordinated parts to produce either renderings, animations or real time 3d models with the Datakits. Some ideas of how to use your ship designs are as an illustration or 3d VRML model on your homepage. You could rename the ship and use it for Simming and Gaming on computers as well. When you purchase a Datakit you are entitled to use the kits design, Dataparts and renderings and 3d models derived from it for any non commercial use. Personal websites and Sims are non commercial uses. A commercial license is available for those who want to use the Datakits as part of a commercial project. Please contact us for more info about this.

3. What is VRML? How can I see and use it?

VRML stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. Think of it as the 3D version of HTML, the language that makes a text based Web possible. VRML is the emerging standard that will allow for the 3D cyberspace of novels like SNOWCRASH and NEUROMANCER. VRML models can be used as Avatars and our Starship's in VRML format can be "dropped " into other VRML worlds that are being built on the Internet. VRML is new and constantly growing, in order to view a VRML model you need a VRML Plug-in for your Browser. There are a few different companies making VRML browser plug-ins and all work a little differently. These Plug-ins work with Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 and some work on the Mac while all work on the PC in Windows 95 and NT. There is so much info on VRML on the web that we suggest you go to the NYVRMLSIG website at to find links to more VRML info.

4. How can I buy Datakits TM and Dataparts?

A. C3 Datakits and Dataparts can be purchased online via credit card at our site. Soon other online merchants will carry our products as well.Look for more locations on the web soon:).

5. What is/was the Starship Construction Tool?

Originally STARBASE C3 was going to be only a CD-ROM, but advancements online made it clear to us that the Internet was a much better way to distribute our Datakits and Dataparts. The Internet also allowed for a much greater vision of STARBASE C3 and its future as an entertainment site. We plan this year to include a real time 3D construction area to the Construction Pylon Zones that will allow people to log on, design ,build, and download their own Starship in real time on the net. So to the thousands who e-mail us about the Advertisement page still linked on the netůSTARBASE C3: The Starship Construction Site IS the Starship Construction Tool.UPDATE 1998---a stand alone TOOL is COMING THIS YEAR....more details soon....

7. What and Who are Cube Productions Inc.?

Cube Productions is a new media design and development group that was created in 1990. Experts in 3D design and multimedia it's founders regularly speak, teach, and write about these cutting edge technologies. Larry Rosenthal , the Director of Cube productions has been involved professionally in Sci- Fi as a visual futurist for over 10 years. He has been a production designer and director for television and new media projects such as SNOWCRASH, The Maintenance Men's Lounge, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, The X-Files Online, and DC-Comics CD-ROM. He became "infamous" on the Internet this year for creating the 3D Sneak Preview Renderings of the Enterprise E that continue to circulate on the net. Mr. Rosenthal is also currently the chairman of the NYVRMLSIG, the nations first VRML special interest group.

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