The story of this production of

The Maintenance Men's Lounge

About three months-YEARS?! ago, we at tHUNK! while at Macworld were introduced to streaming video on the net by VIVO. We saw the grainy picture and the small frame size. We heard the garbled audio and witnessed the irregular stops and pauses due to steaming. The demobabe said all this would go away, that this was only the beginning and that soon it "would be just like television." Then it hit....WAIT!! THIS WAS IT!!! FINALLY THE MEDIUM FOR THE MML!!! "Not so great picture" -Perfect. that's our lighting design.... " garbled audio" - Perfect. that's our dialogue...." erratic stops and pauses" - We call that Editing!
We knew what had to be done...So in the great tradition of "lets repurpose it for the World Wide Web" , tHUNK! The Digital Network presents (for non- commercial demonstration only;) the show too early too be bought by ABC Television Latenight...too late to be a Paramount Interactive CD-ROM Adventure game...and which had way too much time labored into not to be shown to the masses..."The Maintenance Men's Lounge."
So, sit back and come on down to the Maintenance Men's Lounge. A place for the misfit dreamer, lost artist, unknown band, lost corporate soul and the left over flotsam and jetsam of society. Hey, wait a minute... that sounds just like the World Wide Web....coincidence or fate?

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