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How did we do all this for $220 SQ FT?

The Elliot at River's Edge

Today, healthcare providers are asked to do more with less: lower overall costs, facilitate high-quality care, focus on improving efficiencies, and deliver care to a more acute patient population than ever before.

CUBE 3 Studio can partner with you to solve these growing and often conflicting challenges. We work with you to build a workable strategy that reuses existing resources, contains costs, and delivers green, sustainable designs to your projects.

Combining natural materials and the latest high-tech solutions in innovative ways helps you achieve lower facility costs, a healthier environment, more relaxed patients and staff, and, yes, improved patient outcomes.

Proof of our approach is The Elliot at River's Edge, a 255,000 square foot Ambulatory Health Care Center, located in Manchester, New Hampshire. This facility features a full diagnostic imaging center, ambulatory surgery center, Urgent Care, Womens Health, Endoscopy, wound care, pain management, cardiac / pulmonary rehabilitation and testing as well as many specialty services.

From concept through construction, our team worked closely with the site's construction manager to make the key financial, construction and value engineering decisions that allowed us to meet design goals, stay on time and on budget.

The outcomes speak for themselves: shorter surgical recovery times; urgent care treatment capability, which exceeded expectations due to ease of access; unparalleled diagnostic imaging equipment including an open bore 3T MRI and Dual Energy CT

Project Fun Facts:

LEED Approach

The sustainable approach for this project started with the initial selection of a brownfield site for development. This former industrial meat processing plant, located along the Merrimack River, had become blighted after years of deterioration. By completely remediating the site and decommissioning the monitoring wells, we were able to create a clean slate for all future development on this 17 acre site.

The buildings were carefully planned to maximize the green space and we were able to donate a 4.3 acre site back to the city as a public park.

Building materials, such as formaldehyde free insulation, recycled structural steel and aluminum curtain wall systems, as well as New Hampshire granite counter tops, were selected for their low VOC content, recycled content and proximity of origin to the building site.

Supporting the local economy during the downturn was the backbone of the project's success. The mantra of "For New Hampshire by New Hampshire" held true as 91% of all construction workers on the site were verified New Hampshire residents.

Perimeter radiant heat, high efficiency boilers and air handlers, energy efficient lighting ,and touch less, low flow plumbing fixtures, all contributed to outperforming the baseline energy model by 16.2%. This project was one of the first LEED HC registered projects in the country and is currently on track to be one of the first certified.


View Level 3 Floor Plan

View Site Plan

Designed with an ease of way finding in mind, all departments are accessed off of a single corridor running east to west with patient elevators located at each end. The north elevation of the corridor provides a visual and consistent point of reference back to the city skyline.

Anchor departments, such as imaging, ambulatory surgery, and endoscopy, were surrounded by soft space, such as administrative and medical office functions, so that future expansion could be provided in a cost effective way. Synergies between departments such as, pain management and rehabilitation, imaging and orthopedics, and gastroenterology and endoscopy, were also closely evaluated so that highly efficient relationships between the uses could be established.

Future Expansion

View Proposed Elevation 1

View Proposed Elevation 2

The site plan was approved with future expansion capabilities already in place. A 35,000 sf future expansion was approved on the north-end of the building and an 80,000 sf expansion was planned for the south. Foundations were poured at the time of the original site work so that disruption will be minimized during future construction.

In addition to the expansions planned for the ambulatory care center, an adjacent 125,000 medical office building was also master planned and will be connected to the ambulatory care center via a 160' elevated bridge connector. Specialists in the medical office building will be able to move back and forth from their practice to the surgery center without going outdoors.

Media Gallery

Photos: View a slide show of The Elliot at River's Edge
Photos: View a slide show of the building under construction
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Video: The Elliot at River's Edge Topping-off Ceremony
Video: The Elliot at River's Edge Ground-Breaking
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Business Day

CUBE 3 Studio was nationally selected to be filmed for the Business Day network program hosted by Terry Bradshaw.

As part of the programming, CUBE 3 Studio partnered with The Elliot to review the River's Edge project as representative of LEED and sustainability, and how clients can be educated regarding Green architecture.

Video: Watch Business Day with CUBE 3 Studio and The Elliot at River's Edge

Business Day with Terry Bradshaw


Winner of Build New England 2011 Award from the AGC of Massachusetts
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Winner of 2011 Building New Hampshire Award
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Awarded #7 Most Beautiful Hospital in America 2011 by Soliant Health
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Winner of 2011 Building New Hampshire Award Awarded #7 Most Beautiful Hospital in America 2011 by Soliant Health


"I keep telling everyone that The Elliot at River's Edge is a movement. It is a movement because this is the most pivotal moment the State of New Hampshire will see in healthcare for years to come. This outpatient care facility is the best model for providing preventative and proactive healthcare for the community. Services will be accessed easily, and we will reduce the number of people who need overnight care in a hospital,"
— Doug Dean, CEO, Elliot Health System

It was a pleasure to work with CUBE 3 Studio on the Elliot at River's Edge project. We have done many projects with CUBE 3 and they have always proven themselves to be very collaborative and accommodating, especially where the radiology department is concerned. Their design team seamlessly integrates with our project team to ensure that the end product matches the intended vision of our department. The result at River's Edge is a state of the art, patient-centric, highly efficient imaging suite.
— Troy Lefebvre, Diagnostic Imaging Asset Manager, Elliot Health System

I have had the pleasure of working with CUBE 3 Studio on multiple healthcare projects of varying sizes. Their teams are consistently experienced and meticulous in their approach to providing both functional designs and spaces that are enjoyable for all to work in and visit. We value their truly collaborative nature regardless of project size or complexity and have found that their internal leadership results in a winning effort time and time again.
—Tony Nigro, Business Operations Manager / Project Executive, Suffolk Healthcare

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