CUBE 3 is well-known nationally as a design industry and innovation leader—providing thoughtful, individualized solutions for a wide range of architectural, interior design and planning challenges. Offices in Lawrence, Boston and Miami.
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Systematic  ::  Smooth  ::  Streamlined

CUBE 3 is a dynamic and responsive design team with the vision to provide thoughtful and innovative design solutions for a wide range of architectural, interior design and planning challenges.

Creative, intelligent design and unparalleled service are the ultimate goals of our practice. We have an energetic team that is focused on embracing the vision of our clients, and delivering outstanding design and documentation on time — every time.

Our commitment and dedication to our work ensures that we will deliver the best design value and overall working experience to every client.

Inside or out, exceptional design is a choice. And an asset.

Innovative, intelligent thinking leads to better design, more engaging results and lasting value for our clients. That’s why we step away from obvious answers and look deeper. Whether we’re engaged in architecture, interior design, planning or some combination of the three, our clients always receive our most insightful solutions.



Just as your building needs a strong foundation to stand the test of time, the design does, too. We start every project with a thorough understanding of your vision, needs and budget. Then we develop striking solutions that are respectful of your ideas, objectives and time frames. The result? A structure that meets your needs. Beautifully.



Creative, dynamic interiors achieve the intended result of enlivening a building. We create environments that work hard to deliver the specific requirements with cost efficiency and quality.



Shaping the future is an art all unto itself. Communities, schools and workplaces have different needs — and time frames. We approach every project with a clean sheet of plotter paper. By working closely with your Planning Committee, we provide solutions that are both bold and achievable. Most importantly, we ensure there is consensus before anything else.

Our Process

Our results are unique because our process is, too.

In recognizing that every client has their own culture and method, we employ a flexible, effective process that enables us to accommodate different business needs, even as we solve specific design challenges.

The foundation is attention to detail. This simple concept, which is so often overlooked, is manifest in every step: the way project documents are reviewed; our commitment to clear and accurate communication; and the delivery of timely, quality project documents. We also utilize customizable project management tools that collect, coordinate and disseminate information efficiently, and create a consolidated, consistent project record.

Finally, our emphasis on strong relationships with well-regarded industry consultants helps us continually improve our process to ensure we always provide superior results.

Green Design

Our blueprints are green.

We are committed to sustainable design practices in every aspect of our work, from integrated planning strategies to building design concepts, and the selection and evaluation of products.

Every project in our office is subject to an internal sustainability review, which identifies opportunities for alternate building systems, design choices, and can provide a path to certification. We are committed to remaining at the leading edge of the design community through mentoring, training, and the active engagement in emerging LEED pilot programs.

Design Services

Your single-source solution. Because nobody wants disjointed design.

Our wide range of design services simplifies your project and improves your results. We achieve this through seamless integration, which ensures timeliness and consistency of design — both of which are important considerations.

Conceptual Planning
Comparative Site Analysis
Urban Design
Architectural Design
Interior Design
LEED Certification

Code Review and Analysis
Graphic & Signage Design
3D and Animation
Web Development
Presentation Graphics
Furniture Selection
Fit Plans
Workplace Standards

Development Support Services

It takes more than bricks and mortar to create a building.

We provide a range of development support services for the duration of your project, and beyond, for one simple reason: you need them. And it just makes sense to handle everything in one place.

– Revit / BIM Implemantation
– Project Websites
– 3D Modeling
– Animation
– Photomontage

Other development support services:

– Client Marketing Packages
– Building Tenant Standards
– BOMA Calculations
– Marketing Storyboards
– Permitting Documentation
– Prelease / Lease / Sublease plans
– Due Diligence
– Feasibility Studies
– Public Design Review and Approvals