Boston Canstruction 2015
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Boston Canstruction 2015

Boston Canstruction 2015

Every year Cube 3 Studio has the opportunity to participate in a charity event known as Canstruction. This is an event which collects over 50’000 canned goods, each year, for the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

The theme this year was “Celebrating 20 years in Boston”. This is the 20th year Canstruction has held an event in Boston, so we were challenged to create a structure that celebrated significant things that happened in Boston, or pop culture, in the last 20 years.  Cube 3 studio chose to depict the demolition of the Boston Garden which happened exactly 20 years ago. Our work of art is entitled Bos-“Tin Can” Garden, which contains just over 3,500 cansKeep in mind there is no glue or screws in this structure! Its just caned goods and ¼” plywood which helps to stabilize the layers.




The CUBE 3 Canstruction Team:

  • Ben Scott, Captain
  • Amber Galko
  • Anthony DiFelice
  • Brandon Eaton
  • Chad Carr
  • Chris Santoro
  • Jacob Mercer
  • John Harding
  • Justin Pelland
  • Kelly Bushey
  • Michele Quinn
  • Nicholas Griffin
  • Tim Ippolito

In 2015, the Boston Canstruction competition donated over 84,000 cans and over 30,000 pounds (lbs) of food from the participating 25 firms to The Merrimack Valley Food Bank, and over the last twenty years, they have donated well over 750,000 lbs of food to families in need.  Thousands of hungry people are fed wherever a Canstruction competition is held.  Media coverage helps people know that “one can” make a difference.  Canstruction is one competition where everyone wins, especially those who are hungry and most in need

Canstruction Boston is sponsored annually by the Society for Design Administration and the Boston Society of Architects.