Celebrating International Women’s Day
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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

It has always been a priority for us at C3 to make sure that women are properly represented in our company, and we are proud to say that among our staff today, approximately 45% are women. Their contributions and perspectives help drive creativity and innovation, and are imperative to our growth and success. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve asked our senior management team, who were all instrumental in helping us close the gender gap at CUBE 3, to reflect on their experiences. Together we discussed our genesis, the progress we’ve made, and our hope for the future for women in architecture and design.

While the industry was lacking in women and mentorship for new emerging women designers when we opened our doors almost twenty years ago, we have made a consistent, concerted effort to dramatically changed leadership positions to be gender inclusive. We now have women, both in architecture and interiors, at Principal and Associate levels.

One of the biggest impacts women have had on our organization is how they are able to provide an array of diverse perspectives and experiences that were lacking in what has been a historically male dominated profession. Women have helped shape our company’s model of leadership and project management, and they continue to do so.

We are all individuals, but it is our common voice, shared values, and commitment to excellence that sets us apart. As a whole, we are fortunate to have an incredible staff that are supportive of one another, with strong women leaders who provide companionship or act as an ally to support other employees. Even on the most challenging days, those small moments serve as a reminder to our team of what we can achieve if we are aligned towards a common goal.

We will continue to make sure that women are strongly represented throughout our organization and that they continue to receive the respect and recognition they deserve.


C3 Initiatives lead by women:

  • Black Spectacles / ARE Resource Creation (Megan Rajner)
  • EDI Team (Michelle Morsicato)
  • Unit Library / Residential Design Templates (Lauren Saunders / Emily Freeman)
  • Sustainability Team (Amber Galko)
  • WELL licensure (Emily Noel)
  • Passive House Licensure (Michele Quinn)
Collage of photos of the women of CUBE 3